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About Us

PICNIC360 is a platform which helps thousand of Government Employees to reach at thier holiday destiantions without any hurdle. We have several of Hotels in connections which we share with communities to book them easily and their community can get notified easily when their will be any booking for them in any hotel..


Our Facilities


We provide list of multiple Hotels from their communities choose according to their requirements.


Communities can book any hotel they can send requests with requirements.


Each and every person of community will get notified when booking will be accepted.


We provide chat feature to communicate between community heads, members and hotels.

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Our app links download!

Here we are available on both App Store and Play Store to download Quick and easy booking app, always be free for all.

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2701 Del Paso Road
Suite 130 -714
Sacramento, CA 95835

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001 9165720238

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001 9165889116